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Flash File Recovery will help you recover lost or accidentally-deleted photos
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Flash File Recovery has been created to allow you to recover lost or accidentally-deleted photos. It can restore images regardless of where they were stored: your hard drive, a memory stick or even flash drives like your camera’s built-in memory disk. It can even recover the photos lost because of corrupted, formatted, unreadable or defective media storage devices.

Flash File Recovery is simple-to-use as it has a clear, neat and intuitive wizard-like interface. First, you select the location where the photos were stored and then the program will scan for lost images and display the recoverable ones. You will be able to know for sure what photos can be recovered and in which condition, as the program lets you preview them before actually recovering them. Batch recovery of multiple images at once is also possible.

I also like about this tool the fact that it can recover image files of various formats, including the popular JPEG, TIFF and PNG, but also RAW formats such as Canon CRW, Nikon NEF or Kodak DCR. Even some video files can be recovered.

Another thing I like about it is its pretty decent recovery speed. It wasn’t amazing, but it definitely seemed faster than other similar recovery programs. Being able to stop the recovery process at anytime is another positive aspect in my opinion. Furthermore, the overall performance of the computer wasn’t affected in any way when this program was scanning the local drives for lost photos.

In an end note, if you lost precious photos and you want them back, you should consider giving this tool a try, as every of its features recommend it as a good candidate for the “hero of the day” role when this unwanted situation happens.

Margie Smeer
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  • Supports recovering photos of many file formats
  • Can recover images from different storage devices
  • Neat and clear wizard-like interface


  • A bit pricey
  • The interface can not be resized or customized
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